Back with Goal #2: Eat Less Beef

Ok, wow, I’ve been gone nearly a month. Not good for a fledgling blog. Basically, I tried to do too much at once, and this blog was one of the things that fell by the wayside. Now that my wedding is over, I am returning to this blog and the goals it represents.

We’ll start my return with Goal Number 2, eating less beef. I am doing this primarily for my health. Red meat is the worst type of meat for your health. It has it’s benefits (protien, iron) but I can get those benefits from other sources. This is part of an overall move to a flexitarian diet.

To a lesser degree, meat is really not good for the enviroment. It seems like beef is the worst (if this is incorrect, please correct me). I’m trying to live a “greener lifestyle,” and this seems like a natural step to me.

Now, I know you must be wondering why I say “eating less beef” instead of “eliminating beef in my diet.” Well, simply put, I really like beef. I enjoy a good burger, steak, etc. So if I allow my self the ocassional indulgence, I am more likely to stick to it. I am going to limit my beef intake to when I am out of my home. For example, I’ll eat the comfort foods I grew up with when I am at my parents place (moms sauce just dosn’t taste right when the meat balls arn’t cooked in the sauce).

I am hoping this will end up like sugary snacks.  That is, the less I eat sugary snacks, the less I crave them.  So hopefully, I will just loose my appetite for beef.


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