Hi. My name is Nicole. I am an information addict.

Information addiction is defined by Wikipedia as “a hit of pleasure, stimulation and escape and technology affects attention span, creativity and focus.” I have been like this all my life. I remember being a child, spending hours on end at the library greedily soaking up every word I could find on whatever topic I was obesessed with at the time. While this was foreshadowing a problem, at the time it was healthy. I was increasing my vocabulary and learning to be a better communicator. I had to come up with different ways to find what I was looking for in the card catoglog which sharpened my problem solving skills. Then, when I was in about the sixth grade I finally convinced my parents to get an internet connection. This put me into overdrive, and I have never stopped.

 Since then, I have been in a constant connection to information. Constant email, text messages, news stories, etc. This also turned into an obsession with technology. Learning how I could get this data easier, quicker, and have it with me at all times. Looking at my Zune Podcasts everything is about some form of technology.

For a while, this seemed like a blessing. The entire world was open to me. Unfortunatly, this began to consume me. Any time I would wonder about something, I’d type it into Google and find the answer. Then, on an off chance, I asked on facebook if anyone had any good Podcasts I should be listening to. A friend recomended The Dirtbag Diaries. It reminded me that the world was not about the answers, but the path to those answers.

I am now in the process of relearning how to deal with information. I remember going camping with my parents as a kid and having to figure things out (how to get back when we wondered off the state park trails for example). I am relearning how to learn. In a way that is not just facts, but the journey.

This is a log of my quest.


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  1. Best of luck on your journey. I look forward to reading about your adventures.


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